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                               MANGALITSA HISTORY


The homeland of the Mangalitsa was the former Austria-Hungary.There are three (3) types of Mangalitsa pigs: Blondes, Reds,and Swallow-bellies.We raise the Swallow-bellies on the Hiday Farm.

The Mangalitsa has only been in the U.S.A. since 2007 / 2008.  We purchased our pigs from Heath Putnam, the business man who was one of the first to bring them to this country.Our first two sows are from some of the first pigs to be born in the U.S.A.

What makes these pigs different from the domestic pigs  we’re used to seeing today is the amount of fat that they produce. It has been highly touted for the cured meats that can be produced from this animal.

The fresh meat is red in color and has an excellent concentrated flavor. Many think it tastes more like beef than pork and some consider it the Kobe beef of pork making it, in our opinion, a great animal for farm to fork.  Because of the high fat content you have to watch your cooking temperatures. I found out the hard way that the bacon cooks fast – very fast.

The Mangalitsa is an expensive purchase for both the consumer and farmer.  From the farmer’s side, initial breeding stock is a very, very expensive purchase.  If grown properly, these pigs take a year or more to mature causing inputs to be high.  The reason for taking a year or more is to allow the animal to grow at a more natural rate.  They are not force-fed, we hand feed daily along with letting them forage.  This helps them to create a fat that is more mono-unsaturated and higher in Omega-3’s.

We offer Mangalitsa in the form of farm shares which is around a 30lb box of assorted cuts. Also whole carcasses are offered to restaurants and caterers.



Dan Hiday